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At Lignoson, WE REPLACE traditional plywood with lignocellulosic fiber waste, agri-waste based ‘wood’ that is totally more sustainable than plywood

"Live Better with Lignoson: Sustainable Wood for a Sustainable Future"

Lignoson is a sustainable ‘green’ replacement wood business that is eco-friendly and ‘green’ starting from gathering the lignocellulosic fiber waste all the way to the finished board/panel product.  Our boards/panels are NAF – non added formaldehyde a healthier and safe home.  Our commitment to sustainability drives us to provide high-quality value added products and materials that are long lasting that is comparable to the pricing of conventional products, if not cheaper.

HOW THE UN SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) ARE ADDRESSED:


Goal 3 - Good Health & Well-Being

India and Africa are rice and wheat growing countries, we can use Lignosonia to build low cost housing for the poor and uplift their living conditions so that their well-being is improved and their wellness enhanced.


Goal 9 - Industry, Innovation & Infrastructure

Today, we have the ability to execute a business that uses lignocellulosic fiber waste created by mankind and to replace plywood, thereby reducing deforestation.  Innovation and technology is here, execution is paramount.


Goal 11 – Sustainable Cities & Communities

Sustainable cities must include the recycling and renewal of waste created by mankind and to transform these waste into value-added practical products and materials, instead of continuing to harm and deplete Mother Earth.


Goal 13 – Climate Action

Scientists have concluded that our forests are responsible for regulating the water cycle and carbon cycle and giving us a healthy atmosphere.  However, with severe deforestation from the 90s till present, it has caused disruption in the water and carbon cycle resulting in climate change and the extreme, volatile and unpredictable weather we are experiencing all around the world. No one is immune, no one is protected.  If more and more people use ‘green’ materials like Lignosonia instead of plywood, we can slow down logging and reduce deforestation and hopefully all help to restore and normalize the water and carbon cycle.


Goal 15 – Life on Land

Lignosonia is a clear example of recycling waste created by mankind and transforming and renewing it into a direct replacement for conventional plywood, thereby, curtailing the need to log trees for plywood and meeting our needs for ‘wood’ boards and panels.  We save our forests, restore our atmosphere and eco-systems and heal Mother Earth.

Latest News & Facts


November 2021

The sustainable use of natural resources, including forests, is a key tenet of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. The 2015 Paris Agreement also highlights the contribution of forests to climate change mitigation and adaptation. This gives them a key role in strategies for transitioning to low-carbon economies. Concurrently, the impact of sustainable forest management on enhancing livelihoods, contributing to landscapes and cities and reducing the world’s carbon and material footprints, is growing.

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Comparisons to other wood

This table illustrates the comparisons between our wood and others to show how our's is comparable to competitors

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