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Lignoson is a sustainable business committed to making wood from fiber waste. Our innovative process diverts agri-food based fibers from farms and transforms it into quality products that are strong, durable, and reliable. Let us help your business incorporate sustainability into its operations.
Our Product


LIGNOSONIA  is the DIRECT replacement for conventional plywood. It exhibits similar and in some instances better quality physical and mechanical properties compared to conventional plywood. Important parameters such as density, MOR, MOE, dimensional stability, water swelling, face and edge screw pull tests, LIGNOSONIA is comparable if not better. MTIB—Malaysian Timber and Industry Board, an accredited testing body and FRIM—Forest Research Institute of Malaysia, a certification body have both confirmed the properties of LIGNOSONIA to be the same and better in some parameters to traditional plywood. The IP and patent have been registered

Our Proposal

We want the world to be a better place for future generations.  To this end, we are prepared to transfer the technology process through licensing, JVs and collaborations into any country where there is lignocellulosic fiber waste and like-minded entrepreneurs/eco-preneurs.

We have the technology process, we know how to produce the finished product, we know how to brand and market the product and business.  We will do a BOT –’Build, Operate & Transfer’ to the licensee, collaborate to brand and market the finished product. 

We will be speaking more with the world this year.

The potential business is viable and profitable with a ROI of 2 years and a net profit margin of high 30% percentile range.

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